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Updated Neil Young 2015 Rebel Content Tour Schedule With Promise of the Real
Updated @Neilyoung @POTR @lukasnelson #MusicNews 2015 #TourSchedule

Update 4/21/2015 Multi-genre artist Neil Young has announced dates for a 2015 "Rebel Content" Tour with Luke Nelson & Promise of the Real. Various sources state that Micah Nelson is also a part of Promise of the Real, but that is not verified on the POTR official website. The Luke Nelson twitter account does have posts that the 2 sons of Willie Nelson have done songs together, but nothing that conclusively put Micah as part of the band. The tour kicks off in Milwaukee, WI at the Marcus Amphitheater on July 5th. The tour is currently set to conclude with a concert in Mansfield, MA at the Xfinity Center (formerly Comcast Center) on July 22nd. Concert additions are possible. However, the table below scans for schedule updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

Neil Young released his 35th studio album "Storytone" (tracklist below) [Buy Album ] [Buy Deluxe Album ], last November. It reached #7 on the Norwegian Albums, #11 on the German Albums & #15 on the Austrian Albums charts.

Promise of the Real (more commonly called Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & penned as POTR) released their 2nd studio album "Wasted" (tracklist below) [Buy Album ], in April of 2012 while their self-title debut studio album was released in December of 2010.

Tracklist for the "Storytone" album is as follows:
[Buy Neil Young "Storytone" Album ]

1. "Plastic Flowers" (Orchestral)
2. "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" (Orchestral)
3. "I Want to Drive My Car" (Big Band)
4. "Glimmer" (Orchestral)
5. "Say Hello to Chicago" (Big Band)
6. "Tumbleweed" (Orchestral)
7. "Like You Used to Do" (Big Band)
8. "I'm Glad I Found You" (Orchestral)
9. "When I Watch You Sleeping" (Orchestral)
10. "All Those Dreams" (Orchestral)

Deluxe edition:
[Buy Neil Young "Storytone" Deluxe Album ]

1. "Plastic Flowers" (Solo)
2. "Who's Gonna Stand Up?"
3. "I Want to Drive My Car" (Solo)
4. "Glimmer" (Solo)
5. "Say Hello to Chicago" (Solo)
6. "Tumbleweed" (Solo)
7. "Like You Used to Do" (Solo)
8. "I'm Glad I Found You" (Solo)
9. "When I Watch You Sleeping" (Solo)
10. "All Those Dreams" (Solo)

Tracklist for the "Wasted" album is as follows:
[Buy Promise of the Real "Wasted" Album]

1. Golden Rule
2. Old Familiar Pain
3. Ain't No Answer
4. The Joint
5. Frame of Mind
6. Don't Take Me Back
7. Wasn't That Great
8. Time Is...
9. Running Away
10. Heart of the Matter
11. Can you Hear Me Love You
12. I Won't Fail Her
13. Wasted
14. If I Was the Ocean (encore)

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Updated Neil Young Concert Tickets & Schedule

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